British armored personnel carriers FV103 Spartan lit up at the front

A photograph of the FV103 Spartan tracked armored personnel carrier appeared on the Internet in the hands of Ukrainian


What is known

The picture was published by the Telegram channel horevica. Such armored personnel carriers were handed over to us by Great Britain. How many of them are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unknown.

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What is an armored personnel carrier

FV103 Spartan is a tracked armored personnel carrierBritish army. It was developed as a variant of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance APC family. The car can carry up to seven people, including three crew members. FV103 Spartan armed with one machine gun. Instead of the general use of an armored personnel carrier for infantry, the Spartan is used to move specialized teams such as anti-aircraft missile teams. It was adopted in 1978.

Source: horevica