British farmer extracts Ethereum using energy from manure processing

Cryptocurrency miners are accused of being environmentally friendly, as well as excessive consumption of electricity: this leads

to an increase in emissions into the atmosphere.

Therefore, there is now a trend towards translationmining farms for green types of electricity. This was done by Philip Hughes from the Hendur farm, which is located in the UK. The owner cultivated the land of his farm and also mined cryptocurrency using renewable energy sources.

The electricity for the farm is produced fromcow dung using anaerobic digesters - plants in which the methane released during the decomposition of cow dung is converted into electricity when burned.

Two-thirds of the energy is produced by anaerobic digesterHendwr Farm: It is used to power the farm and its fleet, while the remainder powers the mining rigs. Anaerobic biogas digester is used to process food waste as cooking gas and fertilizer.

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