British polar explorers cannot return home from Antarctica. Yes, also because of the coronavirus!

At the British research station Rothera in Antarctica is a group of 30 scientists and builders,

who need to leave the continent in the near future. Usually they are taken away from the territory at the end of summer, which is injected in the Southern Hemisphere in March-April.

Now the usual routes - through Chile - are closedfor polar explorers due to quarantine and border closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, polar explorers will be sent to the Falkland Islands, and only from there - by special plane to the UK.

Today, Antarctica is the only continent on which no cases of COVID-19 have been recorded.

Now in 181 countries of the world there are more than 1.35million cases of infection with this infection. 80% of all cases occur in seven countries - the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, China and Iran. At the same time, in China, where the virus came from, there is a significant reduction in the epidemic. Since the end of 2019, 75 thousand people have died from coronavirus infection, more than 285 thousand people have been cured. In Russia, there are a total of 7,497 patients with coronavirus infection, 52 patients died, 494 were cured.

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