“Brotherly help”: fat-burning molecule “recruits” neighboring cells in the fight against obesity

A new study has identified a molecule that, as the authors were able to prove, can be directed to

prevention of weight gain in mice on a high-fat diet. It allows you to "recruit" neighboring cells in the fight against obesity. Discuss

The team's experiments included exposingклеток бурого жира сильному стрессу, чтобы вызвать их гибель. Ученые обнаружили, что эти клетки выделяют молекулу пурина инозин в больших количествах, которая, в свою очередь, стимулирует расход энергии в соседних, здоровых клетках бурого жира. Мыши на высокожировой диете, получавшие инозин, оставались стройнее контрольных мышей, у них также происходило преобразование бурого жира в белый.

Scientists have traced these effects to protein inthe cell membrane, which transports inosine into the cell, which reduces its concentration outside the cell and, in turn, weakens the positive effect of the molecule on energy expenditure. About two to four percent of people have genetic abnormalities that reduce the activity of this inosine transporter, and by studying these effects through a genetic analysis of 900 people, scientists found some details - those subjects who had a less active transporter, on average, were significantly leaner.

Drugs that act on this mechanism could be used to treat obesity, although further research is needed.