Bug fixes: The Callisto Protocol developers have released the first update that fixes the performance of the PC version of the horror

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The release of The Callisto Protocol turned out to be not as enchanting as the developers planned. The game works on consoles.

great, but the PC version caused a lot of indignation among the players. Ambitious horror is unstable, even on top-end computers, which not only upsets, but also surprises gamers.

Realizing the problems, the developers from the studio Striking Distance released the first update for the PC version of The Callisto Protocol, which is designed to fix the main shortcomings of the game.

The first patch weighs about 467 MB and slightly changes how shaders work, which allows you to reduce the load on computers and increase the frame rate and smoothness of the picture.

The update didn't fix all the issues, but it did make The Callisto Protocol run better on PC.

Naturally, the developers will not limit themselves to one patch and promise to fix the rest of the bugs soon.