Bug in Fall Guys "robs" players, making purchases without their knowledge

Fall Guys is certainly not without bugs. You can put up with some errors and wait for the developers to point

order in code. However, if a bug makes you lose money (albeit in-game), gamers are ready to tear and throw.

Apparently due to an unknown bug in Fall Guysthe product is automatically bought while browsing - a whole list of victims has accumulated on Reddit. Users also report random purchases when switching via Alt+Tab and replacing an item after making a selection. For example, a gamer wanted to buy a thing for laurels, but the window gave the item for shmyaks (a new currency bought for money). Not noticing the inaccuracy, the user agreed to the deal.

You can't cancel a purchase - on the support siteIt states that funds spent in the store are non-refundable. Therefore, while users are advised to refrain from previews. According to the author of the list of victims, the developers are already dealing with the problem.

Recently, Fall Guys has switched to free-to-play -two weeks after this shift, more than 50 million gamers logged into the game. Battle Royale is available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. On PC, Fall Guys lives only in EGS - distribution of the game was stopped on Steam (however, it will be possible to launch it if the project remains in your library).