Bug with a selfie camera on all Samsung Galaxy S20 phones

Foreign media report a serious error related to the operation of the front camera on all three new

devices from the Samsung Galaxy S20 line.

We are using the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for about2 weeks, and we were mostly very impressed with the phone: it works incredibly fast, the camera's capabilities are impressive, and the battery life is stable. However, now that we also have the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus, we have also noticed and can confirm that all three phones that we have are suffering from a terrible front-camera error. Half of our selfies looked awful.

The error boils down to the fact that the camera randomly decides to blur parts of the image, and sometimes even most of the image.

In many of our shots, half of my face wasblurred and devoid of detail, while parts of it remained in focus. My colleagues Peter and Paul also tried different scenarios, and everything was the same: the error will appear regularly and spoil many frames. And before you ask, let us assure you: we checked three times, and the camera lens was not dirty, it was clean for all pictures. IN

Pay attention to the complete lack of detail on my face in the erroneous picture. The front camera was clean for both images.

Many observers praised the S20 series front camera, and it can sometimes really take great pictures. The keyword, however, seems to be "sometimes."

Peter experienced the same unpleasant mistake. Sometimes the phone took a selfie as it should, and sometimes a blurry mess. The front camera was clean in both pictures, it seems that the algorithms messed up the images.

Right now we have a large collectionunsuccessful selfies on all three new news - S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. It seems that the problem occurs most often when you have a bright background. We tried different ways to fix this: we turned off all beauty modes, we also turned off the HDR function, but to no avail. It just seems like this is a glitch in the algorithm that Samsung uses.

This is another issue from the existing list.problems with the Galaxy S20 series camera. Samsung has already made a commitment to correct many errors in the S20 line, and we hold our fingers that this error is also on their list. The promised software update should be out very soon.