Bungie revealed when Destiny 2 will be released on Steam and received cross-saves with PC and consoles

During the announcement of the expansion, Shadowkeep announced that it was moving Destiny 2 to Steam and plans to add

cross-save. Now gamers have found out when the developer will fulfill his promise.

When to prepare to move

Bungie plans to introduce cross-save as early as August 21, 2019. Players will be able to transfer their progress from consoles to PC and vice versa, retaining collected equipment, triumphs, and so on.

Destiny 2's move to Steam will begin on August 20th.When will developers start accepting applications? During the transition to the Valve Store, players will save their progress, purchased add-ons, and more. Bungie suggests registering on the game's official website to be notified when the move begins.

The studio is also planning events to prepare players for the release of Shadowkeep. Gamers are waiting for streams, more details at gamescom 2019 and new details about PvP.

As a reminder, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now releasing on October 1st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Pre-orders are already open.