Butterflies in the USA disappeared due to rising autumn temperatures

According to ecologists, the number of many European Lepidoptera, including cabbages, repnits and

rutabagas may decline to zero in the UK and some other regions of Europe by 2050.

The fact that the number of butterflies is rapidly declining is notonly in the vicinity of cities, but also in untouched corners of nature in the western United States, once again suggests that we cannot assume that the existence of insects is not threatened where there is no man. Global warming affects all geographic regions equally.

Matt Forister, professor at the University of Nevada at Reno in the USA

According to the authors of the work, this trend began40 years ago. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the number of butterflies is decreasing both in the vicinity of cities and in untouched corners of nature in the west of the country.

According to Forister, this means that there is a massive threat to the existence of insects, even in places where there is no human.

Scientists plan to continue observations to figure out how to save the butterflies from extinction.

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