Buy new ones! Older iPhones won't work with AirPods Pro 2

Outside of the geek community, not all people regularly change their gadgets to newer models. Clients,

ready for several years to use the samedevice, are a headache for companies. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to try to force them to make a purchase through so-called planned obsolescence practices. Apple is especially famous for this, either slowing down older iPhones or disabling app updates for older devices. The latest example of this approach was the recent AirPods 3 TWS headphones, which do not support iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, iPod Touch 6 and earlier models. And, according to network sources, something similar awaits us in the case of AirPods Pro 2, expected this fall.

It is reported that the device will support “iPhone11 and later, select iPads and Macs.” Presumably, the limitation will be related (or explained) by the Apple U1 chip introduced into apple smartphones starting with the iPhone 11. This means that devices without it will not support the new flagship AirPods Pro 2 TWS headphones.

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