Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will upset Steam-players and couch politicians, but will please the multiplayer

Gameinformer journalist made his way to Infinity Ward, asking 129 questions about the game to art studio director Joel Emsley. We are

selected the main thing from the interview.

What have learned

According to Emsley, Modern Warfare of 2019 will be a new game with original content. Nevertheless, the development team consists of the same people who were responsible for the 2007 MW.

The developer also confirmed that gamers are waiting"Many" multiplayer modes. In addition, the director hinted at a regime in which more than 64 players are participating. The Battle Royale will most likely not appear at the start, but Emsley noted that he likes this mode.

In an interview, the art director boasted andrealistic ballistic weapons, which, according to the developer, each player will notice. In addition, Emsley promised a "perfect balance" of weapons, so that gamers will not be enraged with too powerful guns.

At the same time, the director upset Steam users. According to the developer, the game will be released in and ... ...

As for the plot of the single player campaign,gamers should wait for the duration, as in the original Modern Warfare. In addition, Infinity Ward decided not to drag politics into the project, so players will have a classic military history with helicopter crashes.

After completing the storyline campaign, players will be able toTake a look at Special Ops, a cooperative mode with new missions. In addition, you can play together on the same console or online. According to Emsley, the developers will support him, so that gamers will be able to return for additional tasks. At the same time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will lose the zombie mode.