Camera Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Google Pixel 3

Almost all modern phones have decent cameras that take great pictures. Therefore call

a phone with a good camera is quite difficult today- a lot of them. It is much more important to pay attention to shooting in low light conditions. For this, the manufacturers thought up a special option - Night mode, which many players on the market already have. Today we will compare the photo quality when activating the Night mode on three top flagships - iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Google Pixel 3.

Comparison with competitors

The popular Night Mode feature, whichIt has been present on Android phones for a couple of years, and on the new iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone has not set the trend for a long time, but rather catches up with the rest in order to keep up. And this time, Apple promises us great results. Moreover, on the iPhone 11 Pro, night mode is activated automatically, that is, you do not need to switch it manually in the settings. Plus, it works almost instantly on the iPhone - you won’t have to wait long for each picture.

It remains to verify these promises in real life. Is it true that the night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is better than on the Galaxy Note 10+ or ​​Nightscape on Google Pixel 3? Let's figure it out.

Scene 1

In the first example, we see that Night mode onThe iPhone 11 Pro really matters a lot. Without it, the photo is dull. The iPhone’s night mode turns on automatically, but you can manually turn it on and adjust how long the camera’s shutter remains open for an even more impressive effect. The nice thing is that the image is captured instantly, so you do not need to wait long, as on Galaxy and Huawei phones.

Samsung's smartphone in this example took a picturein night mode is also much better than without it. However, it’s a little frustrating for how long it takes for the pictures to be recorded and saved on this phone.

The Google flagship is much faster in this regard, butwhen you look at his photograph in Nightscape mode on a large screen, you notice that he lacks sharpness and is annoying with a yellowish tint. But this is still nitpicking, since all these images are an improvement over the original.

Scene 2

This picture was taken in a bar where there was a littlemore light than in the first shot. Photos taken on the iPhone show the most significant difference between turning the night mode on and off, while in the other two examples the difference is quite insignificant, and it can even be difficult to determine which picture uses the night mode and which does not (on the Pixel).

IPhone night mode

Below you will also find several other examples withusing night mode on the new iPhone: this is a very useful feature for sure. Apple can still catch up, but does so with the help of a quick and easy-to-use implementation that we value.