Can I control the TV from my phone?

The development of computer technology makes it possible to both control the TV from your phone and

use it to access the network. This functionality allows you to expand the capabilities of the standard control panel interface.

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Modern models with Smart TV technologyendowed with built-in network access. In addition, as a control module, they use an operating system that supports the ability to install and integrate various applications. Therefore, if we teach the interfaces to see and understand each other, with the help of the phone, it will be possible to control all the functionality of the TV. Relevant programs are actively offered by both device manufacturers and third-party developers.

Connection mechanism

Regardless of the individual features of the application, the algorithm for connecting the phone to control the TV is as follows:

  1. Set up and connect the TV to the network using a Wi-Fi or LAN connection.
  2. Download and install on your mobile device one of the available applications.
  3. Carry out the setup procedure on your smartphone, as a result of which the program will detect the available TV and allow it to be controlled.

Common Programs

We can distinguish the following types of applications that allow you to control your TV using a mobile device:

  1. Device manufacturers such as Sony, LG,Samsung, Philips provide their own development for free download in the APP Store and Play Market for Android. These programs are suitable for TVs of certain models, a list of which is attached in the description of the application. They are distinguished by ease of installation and configuration, as well as absolute compatibility.
  2. An alternative are universal.applications that allow you to control any TV models from your smartphone. Examples include Smart Remote Control utilities, Allshare Remote Control and similar programs. They are distinguished by a slightly more complex setup, but richer functionality. Since applications are provided on a free distribution model, they have a built-in mechanism for displaying advertising banners that are shown to the user during operation.

To choose how to control the TV from the phone,It is necessary to download both the manufacturer’s application and the alternative one. By comparing the design and functionality, you can choose the most suitable option.

Management specifics

Replacing a standard remote with a smartphone provides both advantages and disadvantages. The following features distinguish this type of control:

  1. The inability to turn on the TV. Since the processor is controlled by the operating system, it is impossible to accept commands from the application before switching it on. Therefore, you will need to turn on the TV manually or from the remote, and then control it from a mobile device.
  2. Introducing website addresses using convenientscreen keyboard. The standard remote control is not very suitable for accessing the network, since it does not have a classic keyboard. Using the phone, you can simply and conveniently enter the necessary address to access the site. The device supports automatic input and saving of the history of visited resources for quick access to them.
  3. Adding various devices besidesTV in the control program. If you download a multifunctional application, you can add devices such as: air conditioning, split system, washing machine, washing and even a vacuum cleaner. Thus, in addition to the ability to switch TV channels, the user will receive a multi-functional control panel of all intelligent home appliances.

The ability to use applicationsto optimize management allows you to significantly simplify the life of modern man. Despite the minor inconvenience during installation, the operation of such a remote allows you to actually combine a computer, an e-book and an interactive entertainment center on TV.

Video instruction: control TV via smartphone