Cancer cells can "break" through the protective membranes of the mammary glands

The primary tumor may form inside the breast duct where cancer cells are confined

basement membrane.Breast tumor cells are larger than pores in membranes, so they must break through to spread to other tissues. Previously, it was believed that malignant cells use enzymes to dissolve membranes. It was found that breast cancer cells open the walls of the channel with the help of special protrusions. They then penetrate the surrounding tissues and can travel further through the blood vessels to spread throughout the body.

The observation used a modifiedscientists fluorescent microscope, which carried out video filming of cells at the nanoscale. This made it possible to measure the strength of impulses emanating from cancer cells.

“Previous studies have measured movementcellular projections for longer periods of time, but our research has shown that a lot can happen in as little as 15 minutes. Our methods provide more accurate computational data. I believe that technological developments will eventually contribute to the development of preclinical research,” said Juho Pokki.

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