Capcom showed the first gameplay Project Resistance: Resident Evil with a co-op to replace Left 4 Dead

At the beginning of the week, Capcom pleased the first trailer for Project Resistance, and now the developers showed the gameplay in

the framework of the Tokyo Game Show.

What is known

As expected, asymmetric gamers await gamersgameplay Four survivors will be selected from the laboratory, teeming with zombies, and the fifth player acts as a villain, setting traps and setting the infected. Four characters with special skills will fight for life:

  • Tyrone acts as a tank and takes less damage from enemies;
  • Valerie knows how to heal allies;
  • Samuel delivers powerful melee strikes;
  • January is a hacker and knows how to crack enemy cameras and turrets.

Survivors can lose by trite dying or having run out of time. Fortunately, the more people get to the next stage, the more extra seconds the team gets.

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In turn, the villain does not enter the fraydirectly, but only sets traps and sets various zombies that he can control. Mr. X's main weapon will be Mr. X - a modified zombie that even rockets can hardly take.

Project Resistance Release Date Stillunknown, but from October 4 to 7, Capcom will conduct closed testing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To try out the earlier version, you need to become the Resident Evil Ambassador and apply for participation. Invitations will be sent out on September 30th.