Captain Marvel demo in Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay trailer

The developers have been sharing short snippets introducing superheroes from

future Marvel's Midnight Suns. And Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel (Captain Maervel), became one of the characters who were honored with a detailed analysis.

Captain Marvel is on a small list of heroes,who were given a special scale in Marvel's Midnight Suns. As it accumulates, the gameplay for the character changes. As for Danvers, this is the "Binary scale" (Binary), which guarantees the appearance of a special action card when fully charged. Thanks to her, Captain Marvel can block damage and increases attack power by 100%. In order not to lose this status, you will have to monitor the block level. As soon as this indicator drops to zero, the status will disappear, followed by powerful blows.

The heroine can carry out counterattacks against everyoneenemies that will attack her throughout the turn. Her passive skill will allow you to activate this move more often. To strengthen the habit, the developers advise spending more time with Carol. Another strong attack, Rain of Blows, requires sacrificing all of your accumulated Heroism and Block in order to put them into a baking move.

Marvel's Midnight Suns releases October 7th for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game will also appear on the Nintendo Switch, but later.