Carbon dioxide concentration reaches historic high

Carbon dioxide concentrations rose to historic levels after emissions plummeted in

the first months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Average CO2 emissions perplanet in May was 419.13 ppm or parts per million. That's 1.82 ppm higher than May 2020 and 50% higher than the stable pre-industrial level of 280 ppm, said NOAA expert Peter Tans.

It is noted that the level of carbon dioxide annuallypeaks in May before blooming. And carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal, oil and natural gas for transportation and electricity are higher than what plants can absorb.

The main regulator of atmospheric CO2 is emissionsfossil fuel. But we still have a long way to go to stop growth as more CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere every year. Ultimately, we need cuts that will be much larger and longer than in 2020.

Keeling Ralph, Head of the Scripps Program at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory

The 10-year average growth rate of emissions also set a record, now reaching 2.4 ppm per year.

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