Cardiologist reveals early signs of blood clot separation

Detachment of a blood clot is so dangerous that it can ultimately lead to death. About what signs can

Anna Korenevich, a cardiologist with 22 years of experience, said that this is what happened.

According to the specialist, when a blood clot breaks off a person, his physical and mental state changes greatly.

When thrombosis develops in the coronary arteries,then at this moment the person begins to experience pressing and constricting pains behind the sternum, which last more than 15 minutes. Weakness, sweating appear, fear of death is very characteristic.

Anna Korenevich

At the same moment, a person may feel shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, it may be found that the person began to choke.

Do not forget about possible pains over the entire surface of the chest, in the arms, in the front of the neck and even in the lower jaw - all this also indicates a possible thrombosis.