Caviar introduced the Cyberphone - a titanium modification of the iPhone 11

Tesla's Cybertruck pickup truck got an unusual exterior, terribly angular and, at first glance,

absurd. Nevertheless, its popularity exceeded all expectations of the manufacturer and experts. More than one truck has not received so many pre-orders. It seems that the company Caviar, specializing in the production of luxury accessories, was inspired by this Tesla track, creating a titanium modification of the iPhone 11.

Expensive and angry

The company has always been famous for creatingcontroversial and even controversial designs to modify Apple's smartphones. The latest model is at the top of this grotesque, as the new Cyberphone, based on the Pro Max model of the latest iPhone, strongly resembles Cybertruck.

Titanium cases have seriously changed the imagethe latest versions of the iPhone, moreover. The modification is not just some kind of an overlay in the form of an original cover, the case has been completely replaced, even a strange stand has appeared behind, there is a protective titanium cover protecting the screen. In a statement, the company confirmed experts' assumptions that designers turned to the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup for inspiration.

Simplicity and versatility

The developer noted that the design of the new smartphonebased on a common concept with an off-road pickup truck Ilona Mask. In this device, everything, like Tesla’s, every detail and component are thought out, all geometry is calculated. The focus was on the simplicity of form, strength, versatility of materials.

The smartphone, thanks to the titanium case, is not afraidno external influences of a mechanical nature. Everything is very durable, all faces, all surfaces - front and rear are protected by titanium armor. The screen is also under serious protection of the most urgent material - a titanium plate. And this protection did not interfere with the functionality of the smartphone, on the contrary, its ergonomics even improved. The user can now use the applications in even more comfortable conditions, because the titanium case, which protects the smartphone in its normal state, is now easily converted into a convenient stand holder.

While the manufacturer has not announced price tags on histhe last creation, and in general, he will not announce them to the public. But each interested person will be able to contact the company, and individually they will be offered a commercial offer. This means that the modified smartphones will not go into mass production, but will be created individually and, possibly, only on order. In this case, they certainly will not be cheap.