CD Projekt released a Polish demo of Cyberpunk 2077, talking about trading, dialogue and leveling up

CD Projekt held a private screening of the new “demo” of Cyberpunk 2077 for the Polish press, thanks to which journalists

learned new details about the game. Gamers who know the language combed through the materials and brought the most interesting details to the NeGaf forum.


Judging by the new “demo”, the dialogues in “Cyberpunk”will not only be diverse, but also interactive. The video showed how the main character communicated with Placid, and during the conversation the postman came into the room. If V turns to the messenger, new answer options will open up that will affect the conversation with Placid.


Like other role-playing games, gamers will be able totrade with NPCs. In Cyberpunk 2077, different merchants will have unique items, as well as discounts that are only available at certain times. For example, netrunners can purchase programs that will help disable cybernetic eyes or other mechanical limbs. In addition, the range of available goods will depend on the level of “street cred”.

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Breaking into

If you're already tired of mini-games with hacking,Then prepare yourself mentally for completing Cyberpunk 2077. There will be puzzles, and their type will change depending on the thing that V hacks. According to the classics, as hacking skills improve, the character will be able to break more complex devices.

The battle

CD Projekt heard comments from players and the pressafter the first show, so they slightly changed the combat system. Now the damage numbers have become smaller, and the developers will convey the attack power through character animations. The game will also feature battles that V will be able to avoid, perhaps with the help of choosing the right lines.

Journalists were also shown that the main character will be able to use available means in battle. For example, V can fight with a bottle, and when it breaks, the fragments will remain in the character’s hand.

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Hero upgrades

Improvements can only be obtained from specialists,but the player will be allowed to make small upgrades, like poison for the blade, on their own. Skills are upgraded with the help of trainers or implants. Each property or skill is pumped up to the tenth level, in addition, each skill has five perks and the same number of pumping levels. There are a total of 60 perks in the game.