Censorship of tolerance: scenes of flirting of the protagonist with a girl were cut from the reissue of the game Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 VR for virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest 2 will be released today. As it turned out, this

the re-release has lost some of the scenes that were in the original.

In particular, we are talking about scenes with sexualizationheroine Ashley, who is the president's daughter and is next to Leon for most of the game. For example, a scene was cut in the game in which, during a meeting between Ashley and Luis, the latter examines her breasts and says, “I see that the president has also equipped his daughter with ballistics.”

Among other things, the game removed the scene in whichLeon tries to peek under Ashley's skirt, and she, covering her legs, calls him a pervert. Also removed was the ending scene in which Ashley flirts with Leon and asks, "How about we do overtime?"