CEO Realme: the company will go to conquer Europe and the United States

Certainly, some of our readers have heard about the company Realme. This is a sub brand Oppo that sells cheap

devices, mainly in the Indian market. The manufacturer recently announced its flagship smartphone Realme 3 Pro. After his presentation, GSMArena journalists managed to talk with the company's CEO.

What told

According to Madhav Sheth, Realmewill continue to produce smartphones in the range of $ 100 to $ 300. In addition, the company wants to start making accessories and plans to introduce a 5G-capable device. True, it is not worth waiting for before 2020.

The manufacturer’s plans also include US expansion.and Europe. In the first case, there is no deadline, but in Europe Realme smartphones may appear as early as August of this year. They will be sold without intermediaries through the company's online store. Whether they get to our market is unknown.

If we talk about folding devices, the CEO Realme does not exclude them in the future, but at the moment, this technology is still “raw”.

Finally Shet shared some statistics. According to him, 30% of the company's customers switched from Samsung smartphones, and 40% from Xiaomi. This is logical, because Realme is positioning itself as a competitor to these two giants in the budget and mid-budget segments.