Challenge on Instagram: what is and how to add a sticker

Challenge is now on Instagram. What is it, how to add a sticker with a hashtag, how to take part in a challenge

and pass on the baton, how to look and how to create it - we'll tell you about it right now.

Instagram Challenge

Instagram has a new sticker #challenge. You can put an icon in Storys. This is a new option that developers first actively tested, and now launched among users. What is challenge? This is a challenge to society and other users on a specific topic. The bottom line is that everyone takes turns performing a specific task roughly, and then transfers this task to another or all at once. All this is filmed on the video and published on the network.

It’s very fashionable to challenge now becauseit brings people together, but for social networks it’s a sharp increase in activity on the part of subscribers and popularity. The Tick Tok application also has a similar feature, and users can also see all active challenges, select any and participate.

How to add a hashtag challenge?

On Instagram, you can now put the icon (attach a sticker) #challenge in Stories (Storis). This is done as follows.

  1. Open the window for loading a new story. We take a photo or video, or add it from the gallery on your phone.
  2. Next, in the top menu bar, go to the “stickers” section and select the “#challenge” sticker.
  3. Next, we select or manually display the challenge itself under the hashtag. And then we mark users to whom we transfer the task further. May be one or several.
  4. And, as usual, we click on the publish story button. That's it, you posted a story with a challenge.

You can see other participants of the challenge on Instagram and also answer the challenge by simply clicking on the #challenge sticker itself.

Now you know how to add and put the #challenge icon on Instagram and create and participate in challenges.