ChargeAnimation, CopyLog, Essentials and other new jailbreak tweaks

Jailbreak tweaks have been working hard for the past few weeks, and this one is no exception. Behind

a sharp burst of activity you need to thank jailbreak unc0ver for iOS 12.

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Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released last week, and start as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


Many would like to add to your iPhone a new beautiful charging animation. For this, there is a tweak ChargeAnimation.

ChargeAnimation contains several different charging screen animations, including the Miui design, like on the Xaiomi MIUI smartphone.

Read more about tweaks in our full review.


Copylog - New jailbreak tweak, which is essentially a clipboard manager for iPhone and iPad.

CopyLog stores the history of copied items inclipboard and even notifies you of which application each item was copied from. With it you will be many times easier to work with copying and pasting text.

If you are interested in the tweak, read its full review.


Essentials - Tweak to customize SpringBoard, which will seem familiar to you if you previously used Springtomize.

Essentials adds a new panel to Settings.options for almost every element of the iOS interface. With this tweak, you can customize not only the appearance of your device, but also its behavior.


If you often use a flashlight on the iPhone, then you will like the new tweak Smartlight.

SmartLight allows you to turn on the flashlight with the physical buttons of the device. This is very convenient in situations where you have dirty hands and you don’t want to smudge the display.


The iOS volume control panel is not ideal, but the new jailbreak tweak Sonus12 can fix it.

The Sonus12 interface is not only smaller and more convenient, it can also be customized. A new panel will appear in the Settings, where you can configure all the tweak options.

Other tweaks

Airmessage Beta: Allows you to view SMS in any web browser (SparkDev beta repository).

Amour 2: Allows you to customize the lock and unlock animation of the iPhone and iPad (Packix repository).

AppShortcut: Adds a panel with quick access to your favorite applications (Packix repository).

ByeTubeScrollIndicator: Removes the scroll indicator from YouTube (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Centurion: Adds a notification counter to the lock screen (Packix repository).

Customlock: Allows you to customize the sound when locking the device (Packix repository).

CydiaUpdates: Shows updated tweaks and their status in Cydia (Packix repository).

CydiaXIStyle 2.0: Adds an App Store-style design to the Cydia app (Packix repository).

DVD: Widget with a nostalgic DVD logo on the device lock screen (Packix repository).

Edisonite: Dark mode for Edison mail application (Packix repository).

graySignalBars: Makes the signal strength indicator in the status bar gray (CydiaGeek beta repository).

MusicArtwork: Changes the Music application icon to the cover of the album that is currently playing (Packix repository).

Noldletimer: Disables device auto-blocking depending on conditions (Nepeta repository).

NoSignalBars: Hides the signal strength indicator from the iPhone system (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Oof!: Changes the standard keyboard sounds to roblox game sounds (Packix repository).

Organic Emoji Scrubber: Adds a new animation to the keyboard with Emoji (BigBoss repository).

Poseidon: Adds gestures from iPhone X to older models (Packix repository).

Poseidon-Rounded: In addition to the functions of the previous tweak, it also adds a rounded dock and rounded application cards (Packix repository).

QubeTown Jailbreak Bypass: Bypasses jailbreak detection in the QubeTown application (BigBoss repository).

SelectOwO: Allows you to select text for OwO tweak (Nepeta repository).

smoothMeasure: Makes the measurement interface on the iPhone more convenient (CydiaGeek beta repository).

SpanishFixForSileo: Corrects bugs in the Spanish version of the Sileo application (Packix repository).

Tiltpage: Adds an interesting effect to the wallpaper when the device moves (C1d3r repository).

Vesta: IOS Application Manager (SparkDev beta repository).

Vibrato: Allows you to configure vibro-fidbek your iPhone (Packix repository).