Cheap AirPods coming soon, but sales will be limited due to COVID-19

As you know, Apple is going to introduce a new cheaper version of the AirPods wireless headphones.

However, suppliers are more concerned with the question of whether the outbreak of coronavirus will affect the sale of new Apple AirPods.

AirPods Pro Lite

According to a source, Apple will launchentry-level versions of AirPods Pro at the end of the first quarter (end of the month). If the production has other problems, the production plan will be moved to the beginning of the second quarter. By the way, Apple is currently closing its Apple Store, and work people are at home for isolation.

Recall that back in October 2019, the companyApple has released an upscale version of AirPods Pro. She has made a number of improvements to conventional AirPods, including active noise reduction, improved sound quality, water resistance, sweat resistance, and a new headphone design.

Earlier we heard that Apple AirPods Pro Litewill be put into production in the second quarter of 2020. But no details were reported. It is assumed that this version of the accessory will eventually become the third generation of conventional AirPods. It will have the same design and sound quality as AirPods Pro, but without active noise reduction.

By the way, Apple released the second generation AirPodsMarch 20 last year. So if all goes well, she should release a third-generation model in a year. Unless, of course, the epidemic makes adjustments to the company's plans.