Cheap Intel CPU motherboards will become scarce in 2021

2020 has become a year of scarcity. There was a shortage of video cards, processors and consoles in the market. In 2021

a shortage of motherboards is expected, namely budget models from Intel, in particular the B460 and H410.

At the same time, more expensive motherboards such as Z490 will be stored in sufficient quantities. The deficit of budget models will begin in January, analysts write.

Motherboard manufacturers - ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI - have already begun to think over measures to solve this problem. These measures primarily include price increases.

The deficiency is reported to be mainly associated withthe appearance in January or February of the 500 series motherboards. It is known for sure that the Z590 model will be released in January. As for the rest of the models, the timing of their release was not announced.