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The first "Beeps", at one time, were almost a cult model: prohibitive autonomy up to several

months, rare by today's standardstransflective display and very decent functionality for sports and health. At the same time, the watch was given at a very modest price, comparable to fitness trackers. The successful line gradually developed: more cheerful colors, division into junior and senior models, a course towards increasing functionality. And now, the third generation of Amazfit Bip 3 has arrived in Russia, and we have the Pro version on the test. Discuss8/10Rated by FerraAmazfit Bip 3 Pro

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  • Design
  • Display
  • Autonomy
  • sports and health
  • application
  • Conclusion and competitors


The first thing that draws attention is the very smallthe weight. The watch is practically not felt on the hand due to the light case, as well as a rather narrow strap made of soft and thin material. Here you, the buyer, will immediately think: “Hmm ... it feels somehow quite inexpensive.” And then you remember that you paid inexpensively for the watch, so everything seems to be logical. From a fashion point of view, the lack of tactile high cost turns out to be a minus, but for sports and the convenience of everyday wear, we will write it down as a plus.

The weight and dimensions are such that the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro does notenrage even during active training. Plus, there is no flirting with an aggressive sporty exterior, so the watch profile is minimal. This means that there is less risk of constantly hammering the body against shells, horizontal bars, door jambs and other objects willingly getting acquainted with the clock. For the same reason, impact resistance can hardly be considered outstanding, however, during testing, I already managed to kiss different surfaces a couple of times along the way. It went without damage. We will assume that the reckless handling of Amazfit Bip 3 Pro may not be forgiven, but they will not fall apart from any sneeze.

In terms of design, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is a classicsmart watch with a rectangular display. Moderately compact, concise, plastic body, glass slightly curved at the edges with a 2.5D effect. If you take a quick look, it’s easy to confuse it with the Apple Watch, and upon closer examination, the differences become obvious and there’s nothing to blame for completely copying the manufacturer’s successful exterior.

There is only one button for controlright side. It also spins, but the manufacturer has not assigned any actions for rotation. Pressing launches a list with available applications, pressing again is equivalent to the "back" button. In addition, the only key on the case naturally plays the role of a power button: holding it down starts the watch for the first time. But in general, control is carried out only by touching and swiping on the touch screen. A swipe of the finger on the four sides from the main screen, for example, opens the notification panel, access to quick settings, player control and the workout recording menu.

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is protected from water and dust by5 ATM standard, so the watch is suitable for training in the pool or open water. Of the important design points, it is also worth noting that the width of the strap is 20 mm, and the maximum and minimum wrist sizes for wearing the watch are 153-218 mm. If your hand is above or below this range, then you should immediately consider purchasing an alternative strap. Finally, the watch uses a classic vibration with a rotary motor. For people accustomed to expensive linear actuators in flagship smartphones and watches like the Apple Watch, rotary vibro may not seem very pleasant, but it copes with its duties extremely effectively. A powerful motor does not give a chance to miss a notification, and an alarm clock set on the watch will most likely help wake up even those who usually have difficulty starting the day on time.


In inexpensive watches with a screen, the situation is comparablewith the market of inexpensive smartphones: there is a 1.69-inch IPS matrix of rather loose resolution with a density of 237 dots per inch. In place, even a noticeable "chin" at the bottom. Like it or not, you don't have to choose. If you want a watch with a hint of premium design and technology, then pay several times (and sometimes an order of magnitude) more money.

However, if you do not bother with parameters and do notlonging for the transflective matrix from the first generation, the screen feels ... normal. You definitely don’t want “worse”, but you can do without “better” in order to save money. The brightness margin at the maximum level is enough in clear weather, the color reproduction (as far as it makes sense in the watch interface) is normal, and a cursory glance at the time or current training parameters does not give a chance to catch the eye on individual pixels. Of the minuses, I will only note the lack of automatic brightness control, that is, before the street and upon returning home, you will have to constantly go into the settings and change the current backlight level. In principle, you can get by with some kind of universal average value, but on a sunny day you seem to want to be brighter, and at night - reduce the glow of the display.

Always on Display technologies, i.e. displayinformation on the off screen is not provided. This is available only on watches with AMOLED matrices, and with always active IPS, autonomy will be even worse than Apple Watch. And instead of a couple of weeks to exercise, I would have to run twice a day, no less. In general, in order to look at the information on the clock, we always raise our hand - and with a half-second delay we look at what we need.


The battery capacity is 280 mAh.On a single charge, the watch will last up to two weeks, but the actual autonomy is highly dependent on user scenarios. For example, the always-on GPS module will cut the time without recharging by half, the selected backlight level, the frequency of measurements and display activation also play a role.

If you do not consider the option of using hourswith functionality cut almost to zero, then you should expect about 5 days of work with GPS and 10 days without a geolocation module. From zero to one hundred, it will take more than an hour to recharge the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro with energy. The kit includes a convenient magnetic charger that “sticks” to the pad with sensors on the back of the case.

sports and health

The watch tracks over 60 types of activity andtrainings, including squash, skipping rope, different types of dances, winter sports, martial arts, various ball games. Due to the sensors, round-the-clock monitoring of heart rate, monitoring of blood oxygen saturation is implemented, and Amazfit Bip 3 Pro also monitors the cycle, stress level, determines sleep phases and evaluates its quality. For outdoor training, route recording is available using the GPS module. In general, the watch plays in the amateur league: in terms of its characteristics, this is not a model for professional athletes, but it is a rather functional gadget for everyone who is passionate about an active lifestyle and wants to be informed about body indicators.


Settings, options, collected data, watch faces -all this in the Zepp app for iOS and Android. Widgets with health indicators are located on the main screen, and all sections are accompanied by background information, it is also possible to configure their order, connect additional and disable unnecessary modules. In general, everything turned out to be quite flexible, informative and easy to use. And another plus is the normal localization, in which I did not find crooked translations into Russian that would make you wonder what was written in the original.

There are also many settings available in the Zepp appclock work. Behind them - on the third tab "Profile". There you can select health monitoring options, for example, choose the optimal frequency of measurements to balance between the information content of the application and the autonomy of the product, set up notifications (if anything, only four lines of text are shown, answers from the clock are not provided), set different vibration for different types of alerts .


All dials are assembled in Zepp, change them withhours will not work. Apparently, due to limited memory, the device can only store one standard and one additional dial. Loading a new one occurs with the replacement of the current one. In general, the choice is large: more than 50 dials in different styles, many with the ability to customize the displayed information.

Conclusion and competitors

In Russia, Amazfit Bip 3 cost about 4,500rubles, and the Pro version with GPS - 5,000 rubles. If we take the calculation of official retail, then for the price it is more a class of fitness bracelets than watches. A little cheaper you can take HUAWEI Band 7, Honor Band 6 or Xiaomi Band 7 - in each case there will be an AMOLED screen, similar autonomy and more supported activities. However, not everyone likes fitness bracelets themselves. Someone does not like a small and elongated display, some do not like the design of dials in this format, someone wants to receive notifications more conveniently. Personally, I think that you need to take bracelets either at the lowest price for the most undemanding users, or as an addition to regular watches.

SpecificationsAmazfit Bip 3 ProRedmiWatch 2 LiteDisplay IPS, 1.69", 240x280 pixIPS, 1.55", 320x360 pixBattery 280 mAh (up to 14 days) 262 mAh (up to 10 days) Charging Magnetic Magnetic Sensors BioTracker 2 biometric PPG sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor, 4 satellite systems navigation, Bluetooth 5.0 BLEOptical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, e-compass, 4 satellite navigation systems, Bluetooth 5.0 BLEAutomatic measurementsHeartbeat, stress level, personal activity indexHeartbeat, stress levelOn-demand measurementsHeartbeat, blood oxygen saturation, stress levelHeartbeat, blood oxygen saturation, stress levelMeasurements sleepSleep phases, daytime sleep, sleep quality of breathing, overall scoreSleep phases, daytime sleep, overall scoreBreathing exercisesYesYesCycle trackingYesYesSport modes61117Supported devicesAndroid 7.0 and above, iOS 12 and aboveAndroid 6.0 and above, iOS 10 and aboveSynchronizationZepp appXiaomi Wear appDimensions44.12×36.49× 9.65mm41.2×35.3×10 .7 mm Weight (without strap) 33.2 g 35 g Strap 20 mm, girth 153-218 mm 20 mm, girth 140-210 mm

If we talk specifically about the hourly format,Xiaomi's Redmi Watch 2 Lite will be the closest competitor to Amazfit Bip. It's hard to choose either-or, because in terms of price, design and functionality, the models are similar, but each with its own small pluses and minuses. On the Xiaomi side, there is a clearer display (albeit with a smaller diagonal), almost twice as many types of training and activities, and a wider choice of watch faces. Amazfit, in turn, can calculate the personal activity index (PAI), monitor breathing during sleep and work a little longer on a single charge. Well, and finally, no one has canceled personal sympathy for one or another brand, which will allow you to close your eyes to the merits of a competitor.