Cheaters in Apex Legends are now banned permanently.

Respawn Entertainment has tightened policies about dishonest players at Apex Legends.

What will take

Cheaters in

competitive games often becomethe main reason for player dissatisfaction. Hacker programs are freely available, and developers often either ignore the problem or ban everyone. Apex Legends was no exception and Respawn Entertainment made its move.

Now the player is caught usingcheats will be blocked forever. If after this the violator creates a new account from the same computer, the system will issue a hardware ban. Judging by entries from thematic forums, after such a blocking, neither changing the IP, nor the MAC address, nor the equipment ID helps.

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It is likely that advanced users will still find a loophole, but the new system may well weed out the lion's share of schoolchildren. The main thing is that innocent players do not suffer.

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