Check out Zoom's new $ 599 gadget specifically for remote workers

DTEN ME is a 27 '' touchscreen device with three smart webcams and eight built-in

noise-canceling microphones thatcomes with preinstalled Zoom software. Zoom doesn't actually build hardware; The product is supplied by DTEN, a San Jose-based video conferencing company.

DTEN seems to have a pretty simple interface,which provides quick access to various Zoom features, including meetings, message boards, and contacts. It also syncs with the calendar and displays upcoming appointments in the menu.

If you need to share your screen, you can link DTEN to your phone or laptop.

The $ 599 price tag may seem overpriced fora device to call Zoom when the user has the ability to use Zoom from a phone or computer. The idea, however, is that it is an easy way for remote workers to go straight to Zoom without having to go through installing software or setting up any complicated hardware. The device specifications can be downloaded from the link.

Device specifications.

DTEN is the first device to be certified for Zoom for Home, a category of hardware and software products that Zoom says are optimized for home offices.

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