Chemists have created a new kind of plastic. It seems you can recycle it endlessly!

All types of plastic are made up of polymers, large molecules that are in turn formed from more

small monomers. The traditional method of processing such materials involves the use of chemicals that stick to the monomers and cannot be removed once processing is complete.

This leads to a deterioration in the quality of recycled plastic - products from it are less durable and their service life is shorter.

New material created by researchersreceived the name polydiketoamin (PDK). Its processing almost does not differ from traditional methods, with one exception - to rid it of chemicals adhered to monomers, only a small amount of acid is needed.

Most plastics were not designed forin order to be recycled in the future. But we have created a new way of producing the material that takes recycling into account from a molecular point of view and allows it to be used almost indefinitely.

Peter Christensen, lead author of the study

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Natural Resources in the near future plans to develop a bill banning the use and sale of disposable plastic tableware in the country.