Chimpanzees talk to each other in sentences

Chimpanzees regularly use many different calls in sequence to communicate with

congeners.Moreover, the length of the constructed "sentences" can reach three or more "words". Thus, chimpanzees have previously unproven creativity in vocalizing their needs.

In addition, scientists believe that chimpanzees (Pantroglodytes), the closest relatives of humans, may also have the ability to create new meanings. Previously, it was believed that only humans have such a skill. But, according to scientists, this is still only a hypothesis, and it will need to be proven.

In the wild, chimpanzees use vocalcommunication to alert their kin to potential threats, change social dynamics, simply communicate about food, and greet and indicate their social status. They also use gestures to communicate with their offspring, initiate play, or attract sexual attention.

Note that the person has repeatedly tried to teachprimates use language. In the 1970s, scientists trained the chimpanzee Nima Chimpsky in sign language. He was even able to write a rather long sentence: "Give me an orange, let me eat an orange, I eat an orange, let me eat an orange, give me you." However, despite the fact that the primate learned to express its requirements and use a certain syntax, he failed to fully master the skill of creating meaning.

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