China Asks Former Military And Communist Party Members To Stand Up For iPhone Assembly

At a time when the whole world is almost back to normal after the pandemic, China continues to act

draconian measures and restrictions.Moreover, their absurd shortsightedness led to the fact that the Chinese government had to send a cry for help to the former military and members of the Communist Party, who are invited to "help to resume iPhone production" in the city of Zhengzhou. The fact is that the Foxconn plant is located there, producing half of the world's iPhone volumes, at which a serious scandal occurred in October.

Employees were literally locked inside the enterprise,because of which they had to flee, climbing over fences. Of course, this was followed by mass layoffs, and the factory faced an acute shortage of workers. As the director of China's workers' rights group notes, "It's quite rare to see mass recruitment with such a large-scale use of government power," which may indicate a deplorable situation. What's more, Foxconn offered employees who quit the factory a one-time bonus of 500 yuan (about $70) for returning, and also raised their hourly wages by 70 cents. But even these measures, as we see, did not have the expected effect.

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