China closes its doors: AliExpress raised the dollar to 71 rubles

It seems that the attraction of bargain shopping in dollars on AliExpress has curtailed indefinitely. After the fall

exchange rate to 55 rubles per dollar in the marketplace began to grow. Today the rate is already 71 rubles. Discuss

To be more precise, the cost of one dollar on AliExpress is 71.30 rubles.

Today, the dollar and the euro as a whole won back the fall. On the exchange, the American currency at the time of publication of the news is sold for more than 62 rubles. Yesterday, July 4, the exchange rate was 57 rubles.

AliExpress jump was also quite sharp.In the morning, according to Helpix, the exchange rate was 62.7 rubles. The marketplace, however, always sets indicators higher than those of the Central Bank, so the situation is not surprising.

Earlier, we wrote how AliExpress removed the ability to buy goods in the application directly with dollars from a Qiwi wallet, which was more profitable.

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