China "did not master" the replacement of Russian engines in fighters with models of its own design

In 2020, Chinese media reported on equipping fifth-generation J-20 fighters with engines

domestic production. In the first half of November 2021, a presentation of aircraft with new power plants was supposed to take place, but all plans fell through.

As conceived by Chinese specialists, domesticthe WS-15 engines were supposed to solve the problem associated with the Russian engines on the J-20. Earlier, the Chinese military complained that fighters with Al-31FM2 engines "experienced difficulties with stealth." In addition, Russian products allegedly "seriously affected the performance of maneuverability."

At the same time, the WS-15 was also not smooth.Experts said that the main problem with Chinese engines is excessive fuel consumption. In general, the timing of the presentation of the installations has been shifted several times.

According to Voennoye Obozreniye, by the second halfNovember J-20 were supposed to start receiving the WS-15 with reduced fuel consumption and at the same time increased thrust. However, this did not happen, from which the journalists conclude that the Chinese "did not master" the task and the problems with aircraft engines were not solved.

Source: Military Review