China first launched the Changzheng-11 launch vehicle from the ocean platform

The start of “Changzheng-11” took place at 12:06 Beijing time from a platform in the Yellow Sea. In the near future the second

rocket stage should fall to the north Pacific.

It is planned that the Bufeng-1A and Bufeng-1B satellites will observe the winds over the ocean - this will allow the climatologist to more accurately predict the occurrence of typhoons.

It became known earlier that by 2030, China plans to launch a new type of Changzheng launch vehicle, which will include small, medium, heavy and extra heavy vehicles.

In addition, China is now developingown space station. It is planned that the station will begin its work in 2022, moreover, the authorities of the country invited absolutely any state to take part in the operation and implementation of this project. In this case, NASA can not cooperate directly with Chinese colleagues. According to US law, astronauts and scientists are not allowed to interact with the Chinese because of the possibility of data leakage. NASA has been trying to change the law for several years, but so far Congress is refusing to change it.