China has assembled a drone powered only by solar energy

Engineers from China developed the Tianjin car. The new car was assembled in five months by joint

efforts of 42 companies and three universities.The vehicle, which was first unveiled at the World Intelligence Conference, is reportedly using solar panels and is already on a road trip in China. The developers report that the new model uses a fourth level autonomous driving system.

Solar power is used to charge the car.panels with an area of ​​8.1 m2, which is more than any other known car of this type. On sunny days, such a system can provide an output power of 7.6 kWh, the developers note. The vehicle is also equipped with a battery with an energy storage density of 330 Wh/kg.

The length of the car shown in the video is about 4m, width - 1.7 m, and height - 1.8 m. It weighs a little more than a ton. The interior of the car is large enough to accommodate four people. Ahead is the driver's seat, which controls the ride with a touchscreen display and three buttons below it. The car is missing a steering wheel as the car is reportedly equipped with a Level 4 autonomous driving system.

However, there is still not enough information toevaluate how well the autonomous driving system works. In a video shared by the developers, the car is driving on empty roads. Level 4 automation is a complex process: it has taken years for companies like Tesla and Waymo to build a car that never needs pilot intervention.

It is reported that the maximum speed at whichcapable car is 79.2 km/h. This is enough to move within the city in limited areas open for testing unmanned vehicles.

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