China introduced the world's largest solid-propellant rocket Smart Dragon 3 - it can be launched both from land and from the sea

AirShow China 2022 continues, and another new addition is the world's largest rocket on

solid fuel. It is called Smart Dragon 3 (SD-3).

What is known

The spacecraft was developed by the China Rocket Research Institute (CALT). The rocket is designed to launch up to two dozen satellites into orbit at a time.

Smart Dragon 3 has a length of 31.8 meters and a diameter2.64 meters. The launch weight of the rocket is 140 tons. According to representatives of CALT, the novelty can launch satellites weighing up to 1.5 tons into sun-synchronous orbit.

The SD-3 can use nose cones with a diameter2.9 meters or 3.35 meters. The latter is the largest in the Smart Dragon family of missiles. The new missile can be launched from sea (including floating) and ground platforms, and the first launch is scheduled for the end of this month.

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