China is going to bury nuclear waste deeper than other countries

China plans to build a special laboratory in the Gobi Desert - this will be the deepest storage

radioactive waste in the world.

The country is developing the problem of storing nuclearwaste, since in the near future it is planned to build a number of new nuclear power plants: this will increase the share of nuclear power generation by 40%. So China plans to reduce carbon pollution and raise the economic level.

Therefore, it is important to determine how to dispose ofspent nuclear waste. They plan to store spent nuclear fuel deep underground. It is believed today to be non-recyclable and accounts for approximately 1% of all radioactive waste. The remaining 99% is low-level radioactive waste, such as personnel clothing, and medium-level radioactive waste, which can include reactor components.

If the Gobi Desert Lab confirmssafety, a long-term deep storage facility will be built in the same area by 2050 for the disposal of highly radioactive waste from Chinese nuclear power plants.

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