China launches hydrogen-oxygen engine for flights to Mars

It is planned that the engine will be used in three missions:

  • delivery of soil samples from an asteroid,
  • delivery of soil samples from Mars,
  • expedition to the Jupiter system.

Also, China is going to create a lunar station.

In order to realize all the plans,Chinese scientists are planning to create a hydrogen-oxygen engine. According to sources, a prototype of the new engine recently passed static fire tests - the fourth of eight required.

The upgraded engine will receive a steppeda combustion cycle in which the fuel is burned gradually and completely. In the latest firing tests, the prototype engine ran for 500 seconds, which is the full engine cycle time for a flight mission. Before the start of its mass production, it is necessary to conduct three more fire tests.

In parallel, to optimize space launches inChina is testing the most powerful solid fuel engines. It is reported that on December 30, static fire tests of a solid-propellant rocket engine took place, which lasted more than 130 seconds.

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