China prepares to build the world's largest aircraft carrier

The media reported that construction of the first Chinese aircraft carrier of project 002 is nearing completion in Shanghai. Now the shipyard

preparing for the construction of ships of type 003 - the largest aircraft carriers in the world.

Displacement of the already built ship Type 002is 85 thousand tons. In terms of capabilities, it can be compared with American aircraft carriers such as Gerald Ford. After the delivery of the ship, the shipyard is being modernized to build a larger aircraft carrier Type 003.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the atomic Type003 displacement will be more than 100 thousand tons. It will tackle global challenges far from the Chinese shores. It is worth noting that the displacement of American aircraft carriers is 90-98 thousand tons.

Another advantage of the Type 003 is the versatility of the wing. It will include both J-15B heavy fighters and GJ-11 carrier-based attack drones.