China publishes video and sounds from Mars captured by their rover

The Chinese Space Agency has released a video of the Zhurong device driving through

surface of Mars. The pictures were taken using a wireless camera that the robot set on the ground.

The new media release also includes footage of Zhurong's landing in May, showing the deployment of the parachute system and the moment of landing. A six-wheeled robot explores the Utopia Planitia region.

The Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) claims that Zhurong traveled 236 meters in 42 Martian days. It lasts a little longer than an earthly day - 24 hours 39 minutes.

The video was transmitted to Earth by the Tianwen-1 satellite, whichrevolves around Mars. "The orbiter and rover are in good working order and are reporting safely from Mars to the party and homeland," CNSA said in a press statement.

Last week, the agency transmittedPreview footage of the parachute system from the rover's entrance capsule. However, in an expanded version of the video, the capsule can be seen inflating in the tenuous Martian atmosphere. Zhurong and its landing platform are detached from the rear wall of the capsule, and a downward-facing camera captures the moment of landing when the platform's brake rocket motor blasts the surface, clearing it of dust.

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