China reacted to the appearance of two US destroyers with Tomahawk missiles in the Taiwan Strait

On the eve of the two US Navy with Tomahawk missiles passed through the Taiwan Strait. This raised questions like

experts around the world and from China itself. In the Celestial Empire, by the way, they have already reacted to this event.

Spokesman for the People's Liberation ArmyChina's Wu Qian said the Chinese military is on high alert. This allows them to fight absolutely any challenges, threats and provocations, especially when it comes to the issue of protecting their sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Military Review reports.

He did not remain silent about what happened andChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbing, noting that instead of committing another provocation, the United States should play a constructive role in ensuring regional peace and stability.

Recall that the US representatives argued the appearance of their destroyers in the Taiwan Strait as a non-recognition of China's claims to the island of Taiwan.