China tested the world's most powerful rocket engine for lunar and Martian rockets

While the United States is preparing to launch the long-suffering lunar mission Artemis I, China is also not standing on


What is known

China Corporation of Aerospace Science andTechnology (CASC) has tested the most powerful rocket engine in the world. It will be used in rockets for lunar and Martian missions. The liquid dual nozzle engine is called the YF-130.

The tests were carried out on the CASC test bench. The YF-130 was able to develop over 500 tons of thrust. Chinese engine use liquid kerosene and oxygen as fuel.

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Despite the creation of the engine, China is stilldid not publicize the program of super-heavy launch vehicles. It is on them that the YF-130 is oriented. The new liquid-propellant engine is expected to power the Long March 9 (aka Changzheng 9) rocket, which is being developed by the China Rocket Research Institute (CALT).

The rocket will be able to launch cargo weighing 140 tonsnear-Earth work, 66 tons for geostationary, 50 tons for the Earth-Moon transfer orbit and 44 tons for the Earth-Mars transfer orbit. At the same time, the Long March 9 was originally developed as a disposable rocket, but now there are options for converting it into a reusable or partially reusable one.

Image: China Daily