China will be criminalized for experimenting with genome editing without the permission of the authorities

The concept of genomic editing includes experiments on the transfer of regulation of gene expression and

stem cell application is said inbill. Scientists will not be able to carry out any experiments with human or human embryos and organs that can later be transplanted into humans.

You can conduct experiments only withpermission from the authorities to volunteers who are required to sign a written consent to participate in such experiments. In addition, scientists will be required to inform the authorities of sources of funding and customers of these experiments.

On January 22, Chinese authorities officially confirmedthe birth of the world's first children from the edited embryos - Lulu and Nana; and the pregnancy of another participant in the project. The birth of the world's first children with edited genes became known at the end of November, but the scientific community was skeptical about the statement made by geneticist He Jiankuya due to the lack of scientific work and research.

During the investigation, the Chinese authorities came toconcluded that He Jiankui conducted all experiments on the editing of embryo genes, trying to instill in them resistance to HIV, independently - without warning anyone about his experiments. The ministry’s report noted that He “intentionally avoided the attention of the authorities”, but did not explain what kind of supervision he was talking about.

"High-tech" understood in detail why almost all countries forbid experiments with editing genes in humans, as well as how the He experiment influenced all of world science.