Chinese copy of iPhone 6 on the adroid

Today, almost every popular smartphone has its own incredibly high-quality and, at the same time,

almost indistinguishable copies. The iPhone 6 is no exception.The most famous Chinese iphone fake has absolutely identical connectors of the original, weight, key position, appearance.In addition, all the inscriptions are made exactly like thisthe same as on the original iPhone. The world-famous logo of the developer’s company is engraved into the smartphone’s body and applied to it with chrome, which allows it to remain in excellent shape for a long time. The fake is available in the same color variations as the original, namely white, gray, and gold. The case of the Chinese fake is made of high-strength metal. The display of this iPhone is protected by shock-resistant glass called Gorilla Glass. All this determines the widespread popularity of counterfeit Apple gadgets, which are in no way inferior in appearance to the American original, but cost several times less. So, what is a Chinese iPhone and is it possible to buy a high-quality analogue of an Android smartphone? We will talk about this in detail below.

Appearance of a fake

Chinese fake sixth iPhone is sold inoriginal packaging, as well as original accessories. The bundle of this smartphone includes an iPhone 6, charging, Lighting-connector (can be used for the original), a headset, instructions, as well as a clip for the SIM card slot.

Technical characteristics of the gadget

Chinese fake sixth iPhone created onprocess MTK 6582, which came to replace the already old MTK 6589. The new processor has four absolutely active cores operating at a frequency equal to 1300 MHz. The installed processor boasts an energy saving mode, which makes it possible to conserve incredibly well the battery charge of a copy during low loads. The fact is that during low loads, the processor uses only one core for operation, and if necessary, other cores are connected to it. Responsibility for the graphic processing in the Chinese fake took on a new chip called the Mali 400 MP4, under which almost all modern 3D applications are rigged. Due to this, it is possible to achieve incredibly high performance in a variety of programs, as well as games. This is supported by the highest benchmark Antutu.


Benchmarks Antutu benchmark

Performance results, in the previously mentionedbenchmark, once again confirm the fact that the performance of the Chinese counterfeit iPhone 6 is at an incredibly high level. It amounts to more than 16 thousand points. This performance is completely enough for most modern programs and a variety of games.

OS and memory

Exact Chinese fake iPhone 6 canboast the presence of the Android OS 4.4 with all the most recent updates. The menu design is absolutely identical to iOS 8. Its structure, animation, as well as functions are the same as in the original. As a result, the subscriber will have the convenience of iOS and Android functionality. The fake works as smoothly as the original iPhone, which, like a Chinese smartphone, has 1024 MB of RAM installed. In other words, having bought such a smartphone, the subscriber will receive an almost original iPhone, only he performed on Android.

Screen and Camera

Special attention should be paid to the replica screen.IPhone 6. Counterfeit boasts a capacitive touch screen IPS, the resolution of which is 540 by 960 pixels, as well as a display diagonal of 4.7 inches, which corresponds to the original apple machine. Angular review of the copy is 180 degrees. The color palette of the display is very juicy, rich and incredibly bright (16.5 million colors), similar to the original device.

The lens in the fake of this smartphone makespictures, as well as incredibly high quality videos. Such a result was achieved with the 8 Mp matrix resolution. The front lens boasts 2 megapixels. The lens application has original color filters, as well as video and photo functions. If the desire arises, each owner of such a phone can install various additional capabilities of lenses from Google Play, as a result of which he will gain a large number of additional photo and video settings.

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