Chinese engineers taught bipedal robot to fly

Now the robot is at the prototype stage: the authors showed how their development takes off several times. In 2022

year they plan to share new details at the ICRA conference.

Bipedal robots are one of the most promising designs: they can be used to navigate difficult terrain, for example, to adapt to changes in height and other external objects.

But not all obstacles such robots canovercome, so the authors of the new work solved the problem with the help of a separate companion drone, which either simply examines the terrain in heights, or helps the robot climb up.

Chinese engineers made a robot with fourfans: it can come off the floor completely. By design, it is a robot with two legs, each with a fan in the middle so that the thrust vector passes along the leg.

So far, engineers have tested the robot only on short flights, during which they had to hold it by the safety guides.

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