Chinese fakes AirPods proved to be hazardous to health

Unwillingness to buy expensive Apple AirPods wireless headphones pushes many users to purchase

Chinese clones of a popular accessory. However, as it turned out, most of the Chinese AirPods fakes negatively affect health and are even dangerous. We will tell you all the details further ...

Why are AirPods fakes dangerous?

French magazine "60 million consumers"tested several fake AirPods made in China. The end result: poor sound quality and volume is much higher than the maximum recommended level, which led to the conclusion that they are dangerous to hearing.

Apple AirPods are the undisputed leaders onwireless headphone market. In particular, they are number one in the world with a market share of 45%. In fact, it is not surprising that copies and clones are teeming all over the Internet. AirPods sell for $ 159 a pair, and the price is relatively high, not to mention the AirPods Pro for $ 249. That's why for several years now, Chinese manufacturers have been producing fake AirPods at low prices.

60 million consumers magazine decided to study thesecheap fakes that are much appreciated by some powerful people and youtubeers. According to the magazine, videographers regularly advertise these wireless headphones as part of sponsored content. These influential people and YouTube bloggers get paid to say good things about these devices. However, not all headphones are an exact copy of the apple “plugs”.

For the test, the guys ordered 7 different pairs of fakeAirPods Out of 7, only 4 arrived at the editorial office, the other three mysteriously disappeared between China and France. And out of these 4, one copy just didn't work. Therefore, the journalists had no choice, they turned to only the three pairs of clones that they possessed.

Final Verdict: the sound quality is mediocre, and one of the models turned out to be dangerous for the user's hearing, while the maximum volume exceeds the current standards by 10 decibels. As suggested by the publication, this is one of the main problems with fakes, because they rarely meet security standards.

Unsurprisingly, the magazine does not recommend anyof the three tested devices. He encourages consumers to exercise caution when buying wireless headphones. It is best to move towards recognized brands, of course, more expensive, but with safety standards.