Chinese hidden mines against satellites leave no debris behind

Anti-satellite technologies are divided into those that are aimed at their own obsolete or broken

devices or those that belong to the enemy. These can be ground-based systems for jamming navigation, communication and optical surveillance devices. Also orbital platforms for capturing satellites.

China has the latest device.It is used for repair and restoration work in space or for collecting space debris. But the same system can, if desired, destroy a certain satellite.

Journalists learned about what happened in Chinatesting anti-satellite weapons, they are placed in the engine nozzle of the satellite and fixed there. It looks like a mine, with 3.5 kg of explosives inside. The same system of suppression of devices can place explosives in a satellite.

The mine can be in the satellite as long as you like andeven leave it on command, without harming the apparatus. At the right time, the mine can be activated: it will explode inside the device, but outwardly no changes will be noticeable. From the outside it will look as if the satellite's engine simply failed.

Thanks to such a device, you can mine any objects in space, and no one will guess about it.

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