Chinese intelligence agencies intercepted US cyber weapons during an attack on their computers

The attack by American intelligence agencies on Chinese intelligence networks became known from a report by Symantec.

The incident occurred in 2016. Then China managed to intercept the code or the weapon itself and organize a retaliatory attack.

The intelligence services of China handed over the code to the hacker grouping Shadow Brokers, which used it to attack government structures in Belgium, Luxembourg, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

This is the first case in our practice, although theoretically we were expecting this - when the target of an attack learned about its vulnerabilities from an enemy attack, and then used them to attack a third party.

Eric Chien, Director of Security at Symantec

Earlier, the hacker with the nickname @ 0x555Taylor publishedthousands of secret documents of the Mexican embassy and posted a link to the archive on Twitter. Now they are unavailable - the cloud host deleted them, but the hacker shared the archive of documents with TechCrunch to check their contents. He also noted that he was aggressively disseminating data, as the Mexican embassy did not respond to his message describing vulnerabilities.