Chinese robot dog Unitree Go1 walks after the owner and brings a drink

The company has published a demonstration video of the robot's work, it is not him that “follows the owner during

jogging "and" carries a bottle of water. " The new design can also carry other items, but the water bottle looks the most practical.

There are three types of new development:

  • Go1 Air for $ 2700,
  • Go1 for $ 3500,
  • Go1 Edu for $ 8500.

Regardless of the model chosen, the robot dog weighsabout 12 kg. According to available data, the Go1 and Go1 Edu models are built on the basis of more powerful processors and have additional sensors in the design.

While walking, the robot can avoid collisions: the most expensive modification accelerates to 17 km / h. How long the robot dog works without recharging is not specified.

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